I use a method I call “ask them more questions then they ask you”.

Sounds complicated? 

It doesn’t? 

Shoot.  Guess I’d better step off this pedestal. 

The fact is, I have workbooks, and reading books, and games…but I don’t follow Charlotte Mason, or insist on Abeka studies.  My basic technique is to encourage my kids to think, analyze, investigate, and otherwise learn to love learning and apply it to every aspect of life.

For example, if we’re driving and Cupcake says “look at the bounce house” then I say “wow! what color is it?”  and then “what shape is it?” and maybe “how big was it?”.   If Monkey spots something tasty in the grocery store, I’ll ask him how much it costs, how many are inside, how much we’d each get if we shared it, etc.

By answering their question, or validating their comment, and then turning the tables on them, I’m teaching them observation and critical thinking skills.  I’m reinforcing concepts and making every moment a teachable moment.  I’m opening their eyes to the fact that there is always more to know, more to understand, and another side to a subject.  And, hopefully, instilling in them a desire to always know more, understand more, and seek out those other sides.

Oh, and if you’re thinking “gee, I just wanted a simple answer” – then the answer is that the official term for what we do is “Eclectic Homeschool”.  And because I’m too verbose to give a simple answer (even in writing) – more specifically, we do a mix of classic learning, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, and Unschooling.


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