I believe that my faith should be a part of my everyday life.  Something that is lived and breathed, not isolated to a church pew and a day on the calendar. 

Christianity is not just Easter and Christmas, but Tuesdays and summer vacations and those times when you’d really like to get home instead of stopping to ask if someone needs help.  Because Jesus didn’t help only when it was convienent, and he didn’t die only for me.

Being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect…not even close.  In fact, my biggest weakness is trying to do things myself, instead of trusting in God’s perfect timing.  However, Christ *does* make me saved from the punishment of eternal separation from God, and with His help I can deal with the rest of this crazy life.

My Faith in a Nutshell

1. I believe that no one is perfect and therefore everyone must make payment for their mistakes (big and small) in order to be with God, who IS perfect.

2. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and died in my place to pay for all of my mistakes, so that I wouldn’t have to be separated from God.

3. I believe that the only thing anyone can do to pay for their mistakes is to accept the death of Jesus as payment. Which is both the easiest thing to believe (so simple) and the hardest (so humbling)!


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